Andreas DAM Zagler

Self Portrait
Why do I photograph myself at times ?I don't really know. but it definitely puts me in the position where I have to let go.
Vulnerability is for me, important when photographing myself and others.
Plants, nature, and their connection to people an industrial society is a big interest of mine. Often exploring this in my photography
Self Portrait
Trying to be vulnerable is difficult but important when making a self portrait.


my name is Andreas

I am a danish photography student based in Aarhus, Denmark, though I am born and raised in the beautiful surroundings of Silkeborg. 

I have a full-time apprenticeship at 'SOBYS' where we work with both photography and videography for a variety of clients. both on location, and in the 380m2 studio, located in Hornslet.


Being in control of the small world created in front of the camera is what draws me. Controlling the atmosphere, the feel and the look, both during the photoshoot and the pre/ post-process, is a big part of why I love this job. An equally big part, is the collaboration and teamwork with the people I work with and the clients. Creating something together, where everyone pitches in with their knowledge and knowhow, is truly great. 

Interested in working together & talking ideas? Send me a message through here or instagram. 

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